Thursday, February 4, 2016


With great intentions to depart before dawn and miss the morning rush hour for our drive across the island to the east shore, we managed to drive off at 0650 hours and land smack in the middle of Honolulu's gridlock. A 53 minute drive turned into a 1 hour and 50 minute drive. But it was worth it.

The lighthouse is located at Makapuu Point, the most south easterly location on Oahu and the point of land all ships from the US mainland head for when approaching Oahu. After a few missteps, the lighthouse started operations in 1909 and to this day, it holds the largest lens of any in US service. It is twelve feet tall and has over one thousand prisms. It is a Hyperradiant Fresnel Lens, the largest ever made and is off the chart in terms of quality and performance. The lighthouse is mounted on a 600 foot rock cliff providing excellent visibility.

This popular hike is on a paved path with a significant incline, providing spectacular views. We had a very clear day for our hike and we were blessed with endless humpback whale sightings. How very wonderful.

In addition to, many Kodak Moments, we were rewarded with a relaxing walk back down and an easy, non rush hour drive home.

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