Sunday, February 7, 2016


You never know what each day will bring. Just like in the Forrest Gump movie; "Life is like a box of chocolates...".

Late Saturday afternoon, we were having a refreshment and a small appetizer when Ingrid stopped by to drop off a new chair for us to use on the patio or at the beach. We asked her to join us for a glass of wine, when she upped the offer to join her and Wolfgang for fresh pan seared scallops and wine on their lanai. How could we refuse...

So, 20 minutes later we were at Ingrid's unit, seated on her lanai overlooking the ocean. Shortly after, Chef Ingrid and Sou Chef Fran had prepared the scallops, serving them on a bed of lettuce with tartar sauce, strawberries and pineapple on the side. While dining on this magnificent seafood, we were treated to a Humpback Whale who was repeatedly slammed his tail in the ocean creating an enormous spray. After the food and wine was finished, we played a fun game of Mexican Train Dominos.

What a treat!

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